Admissions Procedure – for international students – 8 easy Steps

We offer full-service packages that span over a year’s time. We start with a focus on the student’s background and interest in boarding school. We help families to determine a list of boarding schools to apply to, as we regularly visit schools to gain first-hand experience of each school’s unique perspective and workings. We  recommend schools to suit your child and we assist you by booking a schedule of appointments for you to visit schools as well as supporting you with the registration and application process. We are there to work alongside you at each stage of this very important decision.

The procedure for admission is as follows:


STEP 1: Introduce yourself (fill out the student application form)
STEP 2: RECOMMEND and choose the school
STEP 3: Pay 50% of service fee to consultant
STEP 4: school visit with consultant (optional)
STEP 5: Register and testing
STEP 6:  Pay school fee and remaining service fee
STEP 7: Student Visa and Ticketing
STEP 8: travel to school